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    We pride ourselves by creating the freshest, highest quality and most tempting cupcakes available. We bake our moist delicious cupcakes daily right here on the premises with only quality ingredients. Our signature Butter Cream and Cream Cheese frostings are made from scratch using real butter, cream cheese and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Just look into the display case and you’ll need a napkin.
We rotate from over 80 different flavors of cupcakes on a daily basis. We try to have 14 or more mouth watering flavors a day to choose from and are always trying out something new, so keep checking back for new flavors. Cupcakes are our focus but you can wash them down with one of our handcrafted coffee drinks, bottled water, soda or ice cold milk. 

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  • Like a lot of little girls, Judy began her baking career in an Easy Bake Oven when she was very young. She had an obvious knack for baking and was encouraged by her father, a chef in the Army for twenty-two years. Judy's father had a love for cooking that he brought home with him every night. Learning the basics of baking through his examples, Judy took them to heart. Her father always made baking fun and his memory is honored today by Judy following in his capable and loving footsteps.
When Judy was thirteen she took a cake decorating course. She started her own business when she completed the course, selling cakes and cupcakes to friends, parents, and parents' co-workers. She made cakes for all occasions including her brother’s wedding. Judy continued this business until she was eighteen, at which time she started working for a trucking company. She excelled in this arena for eleven years but continued to bake cookies and cupcakes for friends and family, often filling special requests from those to whom she was referred.

In 1995 Judy left the trucking company to help her husband, Kyle, with his pest control business. She took care of all the accounting for the business and raised their daughter, Taylor, for 12 years. Judy enjoyed this part of her life but started to feel like something was missing. Quotes Judy, “I feel like I’ve been floating aimlessly through life the last few years”. She wanted to do more with her life but she also wanted to enjoy it. When Judy read about the cupcake craze on the internet, she knew that was what she was meant to do. Within two months Judy had found a prime location, renovated the building, established her suppliers, set up shop, and began baking cupcakes.

If you live in the Orlando area and want a “baker's cupcake” that will melt in your mouth and disappear long before you're ready for it to go (causing you to reach for another) then stop by for a visit. You’ll get a warm welcome and some mighty fine cupcakes!

Judy lives in Mount Dora, Florida with her husband Kyle and is working on opening a second shop on Anna Maria Island. Stop by for some Orlando Custom Cupcakes today!
Judy Owens Owner of Cupcake Delights
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